Sam Peña-Taylor

What’s a modern football fan? A recent report sheds light on how young fans are watching, what they’re watching for, and how the relationships between fans, players, and the game itself is changing.
At Advertising Week Europe both WPP’s Mark Read and his predecessor Sir Martin Sorrell spoke about their respective positions in the industry.
Mark Zuckerberg wrote an essay about Facebook’s new privacy direction. Here are the bits that should allow you to talk about it in the pub and sound like you’ve read it.
At Mobile World Congress, the telecoms industry shows the world the fruits of its research. WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor shares a view from the limits.
Emotional advertising is in vogue right now. But how much do we need to do and how much is too much? WARC was at Brainy Bar 7 to hear.
Kantar Millward Brown research into the last three years of TV Christmas ads in the UK explores what successful spots do, and what distinguishes an effective strategy at this time of year from ads at any other time.
At the end of the year, trends are all around us. From across the marketing circuit, here are some that could cause a rumble in the coming year.
Marketing leaders have a responsibility to invest in the best possible media mix, but that is never easy.
Social media has been a part of media plans for a long time, but accurately measuring how it affects not only the overall communications effectiveness but the bottom line has proved extremely difficult.
Attention is, supposedly, very important for advertising to function, but according to Facebook's planners that idea is outdated and in need of shaking up.
Sir Martin Sorrell doesn't believe in keeping a low profile. After departing WPP he was soon back in the saddle with a new venture and now he's hitting the event circuit again.
On Tuesday, Audi took the Grand Prix at the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards, having established its brand as the 'progressive premium' marque, before a lauded film, Clowns, redefined luxury auto advertising.
Jay-Z’s record label-turned-sports agency, Roc Nation, has been growing its marketing offer with a range of high-profile athletes.
Innovation and transformation are all too commonly invoked, but what do actual innovation strategies look like? In short, they think about societies, morals, and the technological world that the future will hold.
Here’s what you need to know this week:...
Following its most recent earnings call, Apple is now worth a trillion dollars. A former creative director of the company believes its recent history has been too “vanilla”, but is vanilla, in fact, effective? Last week, Apple, the maker of the iPhone and the first ever company to be worth a trillion-dollars, announced its quarterly results.
As the first analyses of World Cup advertising roll in, WARC's Sam Peña-Taylor turns pundit with some help from Kantar Millward Brown.
As the 2018 World Cup group stages come to a conclusion, certain brands have shown their marketing colours.
In an emotional context such as sport, adding to – and not intruding on – the experience is of paramount importance, as the telco EE showed in its entertainment marketing strategy.
At an event in central London, strategists gathered to borrow skills from sister professions in order to make them better students of the human.
In his new book, Be More Pirate, Sam Conniff Allende, co-founder of Livity, outlines a model for a radical new way of organising with wide-ranging implications.
RAIN, a New York-based digital consultancy, has worked with Amazon for over two years building skills for the company’s Echo, Tap, and Fire ranges.
Richard Shotton’s new book The Choice Factory is about the decisions we make every day, and the biases that complicate them.
Customer experience (CX) is set to be one of this year’s dominant business trends. But what does it mean and how can you do it? WARC heard John Sills, an expert on creating compelling experiences, explain why it’s so much more than a digital trend.
The consumer of the future lies at the point where consumption and creation meet, according to futurologist Magnus Lindkvist.