Richard Wilson

25 June 2020 As the world’s biggest advertisers back #BlackLivesMatter, it’s time to stop funding racist media content, says Richard Wilson.
12 June 2020 Research has shown that major life events can have an impact on micro decision making - the kind that affects brands, argues Richard Shotton. 
17 December 2019 The past decade hasn’t been an easy one for the publishing industry, but Richard Reeves sees signs that things are picking up for the next one.
01 October 2019 The rate of social commerce adoption in Southeast Asia is rapidly accelerating. Neha Khullar and Richard Reid, both of Iris Concise, Singapore, explore some of the strategies to follow.
15 November 2018 Great planning starts with understanding people and developing insights through the lens of their humanity, says BBDO Asia’s Andy Wilson, judge of the 2018 WARC Prize for Asian Strategy.
15 August 2018 What’s the right way to reward agencies? Richard Bleasdale, Managing Partner, Asia Pacific at The Observatory International, explains why change is coming.
16 July 2018 The introduction of GDPR in May caught many businesses off guard, with some withdrawing entirely from Europe rather than becoming compliant. More regulation is on the way as the online space matures. Here’s how to prepare.
29 March 2018 Information tied to identity is the basis of people-based marketing - with this technique, marketers are offered better targeting solutions but also more opportunities to enhance trust with both the client and the consumer, says Richard Lees.
13 December 2017 Digital publishing may be a relatively young industry, but as excuses go, this just doesn’t wash any more. Collectively, we now have enough knowledge, experience, and expertise to assume responsibility for the challenges we face – and 2018 must be the year we grow up and take back control to secure our future, says the AOP’s Richard Reeves.
12 December 2017 Fraud is a big problem and the only way we’re going to solve it is by becoming realistic about marketers’ response to fraudsters, argues Richard Kahn. As long as fraudsters are at work, we have to work harder.
14 February 2017 Paul Wilson was a Warc Media Awards judge on the Effective Use of Tech category.
18 October 2016 The trade press overflows with interesting predictions about the future of advertising.
03 October 2016 "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." Or so said the half-crazed philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. Brian Wansink took that one step further and conceived a great advertising thought while getting others to go walking.
05 September 2016 Of all the decisions made by the colonial governor in Delhi, offering a bounty for dead cobras was one of the worst.
01 August 2016 Doping casts a shadow over the Olympics. Excitement about record breaking performances will be tempered by doubts about whether they were chemically fuelled. But this uncertainty about who is cheating led Matthew Dunn, a psychologist at the University of Sydney, to create an ingenious experiment.
05 July 2016 After England's early exit from the Euros, patriotic sports fans have turned their attention to Wimbledon. Britain still have strong representation in the form of the Murray brothers. While Andy gets most of the attention, it's actually Jamie who has the higher ranking: currently doubles world number 1. Perhaps part of his strength is due to a natural advantage. He's left-handed.
23 June 2016 In 1906 Francis Galton, the country's foremost statistician, attended the West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition and uncovered an intriguing phenomenon.
19 April 2016 Think of a song. A simple, well known tune. Now tap out the rhythm on your desk and ask a colleague to guess the name. Easy, right?
23 March 2016 Although more than a hundred years ago, the summer of 1914 has many similarities with now. In particular, it was a time of rapid technological change. The wireless telegraph, invented in 1896, had transformed communications - messages that once took days to convey could be transmitted instantaneously.
18 February 2016 In the nineteenth century Charles Darwin was struck by a number of oddities in the natural world that contradicted his theory of evolution. The peacock, for example, with its huge cumbersome tail baffled him to the extent he wrote to Asa Gray on April 3rd 1860:
25 January 2016 WARC and Deloitte Digital recently published six major marketing trends for 2016 . The most interesting is moment marketing: the idea that brands need to identify the moments and contexts where messages resonate best. It’s an important trend as the rise in consumer data and digital targeting means it’s easier than ever to identify and then reach consumers at the ideal moment.
17 September 2015 Advertising has benefited significantly from the application of Daniel Kahneman's research into behavioural economics. However, Kahneman is not the only Nobel Laureate that advertising should look to for inspiration. Konrad Lorenz's work, for which he was awarded the Noble Prize in 1973, deserves more attention than it currently receives as it has direct relevance to marketing.
20 August 2015 One of the longest-standing criticisms of advertising is its unhealthy fascination with youth. The majority of campaigns target the under 55s and a disproportionate number of brands focus on the under 35s.
14 August 2015 McArthur Wheeler’s infamous career as a bank robber was short-lived. He robbed two Pittsburgh banks on single day in 1995 – but didn’t keep the money for long. Rather than using a mask, as tradition dictates, he had the misguided idea of rubbing lemon juice on his face. He mistakenly believed that since it was used in invisible ink it would prevent security cameras from recording him. The police caught Wheeler on the day of the robbery and he was soon sentenced to 24 years in prison.
31 July 2015 The Guardian have just released analysis into the performance of 300 brand campaigns that they have carried.  Their conclusion, drawn from surveys amongst their 3,000 strong reader panel, is that making ads contextually relevant significantly boosts effectiveness.