Paul Feldwick

How can marketers and agencies better align their activities with commercial outcomes? Gurdeep Puri, Founding Partner, The Effectiveness Partnership Half a lifetime ago, I took part in the first ever IPA Senior Advertising Programme, taught by the late Peter Doyle.
What examples are there of a brand leader in a category successfully defending itself against a major branded competitive launch? Brand manager, food company What examples? How about PG Tips, Nike, Whiskas, O2, Hellmann's, Heinz Ketchup, Nescafe, Coca-Cola...
Where, oh where has the populist advertising idea gone? Those stories that charmed, or tugged hearts, or raised chuckles, and justified the term 'campaign'? Seamus O'Farrell, director of communications, The Prostate Cancer Charity Is it just nostalgia for a golden age that makes us suppose there were more Honey Monsters, PG Chimps, Hamlet Cigars, and Humphreys Abouts back in the 1970s and 1980s than there are today? It would be hard to prove, but you might well be right, and there's one bit of strongly suggestive evidence: agreement with a TGI statement, 'The ads are often better than the programmes', peaked in 1991 and has steadily tanked ever since.
Unilever recently announced that it wants 'more magic and less logic' in its advertising. What are its chances of achieving more effective campaigns through this programme? Nigel Beard, former global account director on Unilever accounts At the beginning of November, Unilever's marketing chiefs made a high-profile announcement of a new ten-year plan to improve the creativity of their advertising.
Q Why the current obsession with social media? Hasn’t media always been social? Patrick Collister, The Joined Up Company A OK, I'm going to make a confession: Facebook is one of my guilty pleasures.