Marc Guldimann

04 March 2024 The number of reboots, sequels and spinoffs are all evidence that culture is stuck, producing little innovation for all of the time consumers spend watching and listening. As Adelaide’s Marc Guldimann explains, one culprit is media metrics, which, in a race to the bottom toward lower-attention placements, inadvertently created incentives for low-quality content.
18 December 2023 It seems inevitable that artificial intelligence will transform advertising. But it’s not just going to be about chatbots writing taglines or algorithms tailoring creative on the fly. Instead, the biggest impact will be quieter, more fundamental, and far-reaching: a dramatic shift in the supply curve for quality reach, because, as most people in marketing focus on AI’s effects on advertising content, it also has the ability to up-end video content creation across the board.
12 September 2023 Marc Guldimann, founder of Adelaide Metrics, explores the ways attention metrics can inadvertently be misaligned with a marketer’s true intention, looking at the issue through the lens of Goodhart’s Law.
03 May 2022 Marc Guldimann of Adelaide explains why we need to pay more attention to attention.
09 March 2022 In the past year, attention metrics have seen growing adoption across the advertising ecosystem. The Attention Council, which I co-founded in 2019 with other leaders in the space, published the results of a survey last year showing a three-fold increase in the number of advertisers buying and measuring with attention metrics, with 60% predicting attention metrics would be a primary KPI in the next 1-2 years. It’s not surprising that brands including Anheuser-Busch, NBA and Mars, and agencies including dentsu, Havas, Mediahub and OMD have kicked off
09 February 2021 Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide argues that letting media sellers optimize to outcomes at the expense of media quality, or worse, transacting on outcomes, creates a set of incentives and measures that sellers with sufficient data can easily game.