Lena Roland

Managing Editor, WARC Knowledge, Lena Roland, highlights some of the best pieces that stood out on the platform this week.
As Managing Editor, Knowledge at WARC, she would say that: Lena Roland passes on a couple of useful bits of advice.
This month’s Admap looks at how brands can grow via premiumisation. Having a premium offer within the portfolio is an important way for brands to drive sales growth and to engage with a wider range of consumers.
The May issue of Admap puts the spotlight on data ethics. According to the Open Data Institute, data ethics is “a branch of ethics that evaluates data practices with the potential to adversely impact on people and society – in data collection, sharing and use”.
Striking the right balance between effective recall and not irritating customers with too many advertisements is challenging.
Direct to consumer strategies are taking the business world by storm. This month’s Admap explores the implications of this structure and uncovers the lessons and success stories that you need to know.
What will drive change in 2019? Lena Roland, Managing Editor, WARC Knowledge, explores how the conversation around personal data is changing and what brands need to do about it.
The first Admap in its new format, as an online report on WARC, is dedicated to one of the most challenging aspects of marketing management: Brand architecture.
The  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be implemented across the European Union today, 25 May 2018.
The conversation around data privacy has changed as a result of revelations surrounding a British data analysis company’s alleged misuse of Facebook users’ personal data for political targeting.
With the disruptions of Amazon and other platform companies, marketing is shifting away from communications and advertising, and toward the design of experience.
Recent issues around media transparency, fake ads and brand safety issues have put a strain on client-agency relationships.
"Data protection is rising up the public, political and media agenda", according to Rob Luke, deputy information commissioner (ICO), the UK’s independent authority that regulates the Freedom of Information Act.
Tom Goodwin, Head of Innovation at Zenith, speaking at a recent NewsCred event, noted that as the media and technological landscape evolves, consumers are no longer actively searching out content; in a "post-digital age", he said, content will increasingly come to consumers.
The AME Awards went live on Warc this morning. The AME Awards for advertising and marketing effectiveness honour work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions to marketing problems.
The CASSIES (Canadian Advertising Success Stories) are now ready for warc.com subscribers to read! The CASSIES recognise and reward the business effectiveness of Canadian advertising.
The DMA International ECHO Awards 2015 went live on warc.com last week. The awards are given to campaigns that have the power to change business.
Who owns your data? Who has access to it? How is it being used? Can it, will it, ever be used against you? How is data being managed? And can data ever discriminate? These were some of the important questions raised at a recent debate hosted in London by The Foundation, an independent growth and innovation consultancy.
The Warc Prize for Connection Strategy Awards went live on warc.com last week. These awards focus on channel ideas that deliver brand advantage.
The Warc Prize for Asian Strategy Awards went live on warc.com last week. These awards recognise and reward great strategic thinking in marketing in the region.
Alexandra Curley, Insights Director at Spinnaker, a digital marketing agency based in London, shared findings from its new report, Defining Foodies, at a breakfast event held in central London last week.
The APG Creative Strategy Awards went live on warc.com today. These awards recognise the central role of planning and are dedicated to inspiring the exchange of ideas and expertise on how business can benefit from creative thinking.  This Girl Can, a campaign devised by FCB Inferno for Sport England, won the Grand Prix and I've dug deep into the 60-strong case studies to showcase campaigns that demonstrate how to overcome a variety of marketing challenges.
The Jay Chiat Awards went live on warc.com today. The global 4A's Jay Chiat Awards recognise the best strategic thinking in the industry.
The MMA Smarties went live on warc.com this week. The Mobile Marketing Association Smarties Global Awards are presented to campaigns that use innovation and creativity to successfully push the boundaries of mobile marketing.
The Atticus Awards went live on warc.com today. They are a selection of winning papers which are open exclusively to professionals working in WPP companies.