Lawrence Dodds

10 October 2023 With the right algorithms and training data, machine learning can deliver a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of attention across all touchpoints.
04 April 2023 Budget liquidity is a concept that advertisers must embrace if they want to succeed in today's volatile markets, writes UM London’s Lawrence Dodds.
26 May 2022 Up-and-coming brands can ride the feed-surfing trend and tap into discovery commerce, says UM’s Lawrence Dodds.
07 June 2021 As brands look to find a way of breaking through a noisy and overwhelmed marketplace, brand partnerships offer an often creative and impactful way of doing so, says Lawrence Dodds, Client Director at UM London.  
15 July 2020 This is the ideal moment for retailers to rip up the playbook and create change, argues UM’s Lawrence Dodds.
13 September 2018 There is more to media choices than audience vs brand safety. UM’s Lawrence Dodds asks whether ethical considerations should become fundamental.
07 December 2017 While the multi-platform world presents significant opportunities for brand advertisers, it also presents new challenges. Today's planners need to call on new and existing skill-sets to unlock the full potential for their clients, argues Lawrence Dodds.