Katie Sterling

16 October 2017 One of the global leaders in AI, Google, is using the technology to create consumer-centric interaction using data points to identify intent and passion, writes Katie Sterling
07 September 2016 Coverage of the Cannes Lions inevitably focused more on the best-in-class from Europe and America. We know from Warc's coverage of the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions 2016 that 59% of Case Studies came from Europe and 34% from North America compared to 21% from Asia and 12% from Australia & New Zealand respectively.
02 September 2016 At Warc, we tend to showcase the best-in class rather than examples that didn’t quite meet the mark. However, in the news recently was the story of Nivea and the advert that Sir John Hegarty, Cannes Lions judge and BBH founder, described as “the most stupid thing he’s ever seen”.
10 August 2016 The eternal quest of every brand is to be able to meaningfully differentiate itself from a competitive set. To connect with consumers in a way that resonates and thus ultimately drives them to opt for their brand above all others. Needless to say that as a process it epitomises the saying "easier said than done".