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22 October 2014 Amidst all the new content we've recently added (like Esomar Congress papers, Jay Chiat case studies and the shortlisted cases to our own Innovation Prize ) here are my must-read picks – five stimulating, enlightening articles on topics as diverse as hybrid consumers, total video and winning boardroom-backing for brand investment. The Brand in the Boardroom What's it about and why is it interesting? In Warc Editorial, we are huge fans of the Atticus Awards – clever thinking from across the WPP network on all kinds of topics. The Grand Prix winner from Ogilvy RED is lengthy but provides extremely useful instruction for valuing brands and demonstrating the real commercial benefit of marketing – essential reading for any marketer fighting for investment. As well as introducing the different methods of brand valuation, Ogilvy & Mather go beyond them to highlight the necessary principles and the steps that should be followed when valuing brands. As well as defending and increasing marketing budgets, brand valuation can also help decide where to allocate budgets, determine brand strategy development and develop brand benchmarking.
28 July 2014 The Warc 100 rankings list campaigns according to their success at effectiveness and strategy awards. Overstay Checkout for Art Series Hotels, the innovative campaign by Naked Communications Melbourne, was ranked fifth.
15 July 2014 We recently released the Warc 100, our ranking of the world's smartest ad campaigns. To create it, we tracked 75 effectiveness and strategy competitions and 1773 competition winners to discover the 100 smartest marketing campaigns in the world.
05 March 2014 On Thursday, Rob Campbell, Regional Head of Strategy for Wieden + Kennedy in Asia, will be discussing his experiences as a planner in China, and what planners elsewhere can learn from his time in the world's most populous nation.
04 February 2014 Where a product comes from is a bigger driver of consumer choice than price, availability and style, according to new research.
12 March 2013 The needs of consumers remain the same as they have ever been but the expectations of how businesses meet those needs have changed. This was the line that Henry Tucker of The Futures Company and Steve Mader of Kantar Retail were keen to stress at this morning's launch of their new report: " The Future Shopper ".
18 February 2013 Last year, we saw the majority of advertising campaigns feature some use of social media. No longer a niche channel, brands have taken to Facebook, Twitter and Weibo with enthusiasm, trying to engage in stronger relationships with their customers. But is it worth it?
25 January 2013 Which brand owner creates the most effective social media campaigns? While we were searching the Warc database for case studies to feature in our newly-released  Seriously Social  trends report, certain names cropped up time and again. To determine which advertisers make social media work particularly hard for their brands, we looked at all of the award-winning social media cases on Warc from October 2008 to December 2012, and produced this table of top social brands. Click the picture for the full chart.
27 April 2012 The Warc/AA Advertising Expenditure report shows that UK advertising spend (excluding direct mail) grew by 2.8% in 2011 reaching £14.4 billion in total. Growth is expected to continue in 2012 with new forecasts predicting a 3.8% increase, well ahead of growth across the rest of the UK economy. 2012 growth forecasts identify internet (up 8.9%) and out-of-home (up 5.0%) as the strongest contributors during the Olympic year.
20 March 2012 "Information visualisation is hot!" say the team at Information is Beautiful and I'd have to agree with them. Creator David McCandless has long been championing the use of data visualisation and infographics to make sense of the vast amounts of information we're bombarded with on a daily basis and now Information is Beautiful has launched its own annual Awards .
05 March 2012 Is your social media strategy working?
22 September 2011 Privacy online, the age of the customer and, of course, social media loomed large at the first half of ad:tech London yesterday.
29 June 2011 While the Cannes Lions have been top of mind for marketing people over the past couple of weeks, the action at the Palais has not been the only recent activity in the ad awards world. Both the IPA's Green Awards and the Midas Awards have announced their calls for entries, while a major awards ceremony, the EACA Care Awards, also took place in Brussels last night. At the ceremony, 'iHobo' for DePaul UK, a campaign using an iPhone app to raise awareness of homelessness, was announced as the winner of the Grand Prix.
24 March 2011 The outlook for advertisers is positive across 2011 and 2012, according to Warc's latest International Ad Forecast.
09 April 2010 A set of essays on Digital Influence from Ogilvy Asia have just been added to Warc. Below is one example written by Joelynn Chin of OgilvyOne Worldwide, Malaysia. For more essays, see the following on warc.com:
10 March 2010 The Q2 edition of Market Leader is now available on warc.com but here on the blog, you can read the Speaker's Corner article from the magazine, "How to avoid the most interesting trends of 2010" by Robert Passikoff…
26 February 2010 As I previously posted, Geoffrey Precourt has been at the IAB Leadership Conference this week and he's written two more reports, available for free on warc.com:
24 February 2010 Geoffrey Precourt, Warc's US Editor, has been at the IAB Leadership Conference in Carlsbad, California this week. His reports are up on warc.com now and you can read two of them for free: PepsiRefresh: a bottom-up marketing strategy for 2010 - Frank Cooper III, svp/chief consumer engagement officer Google Responds to Display-Advertising Gridlock - Susan Wojcicki, vp/product management
18 February 2010 Geoffrey Precourt, Warc's US Editor, went to the ANA "TV & Everything Video" forum and has written on the talk given by Tony Pace, SVP/CMO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust.
15 February 2010 Today we've been taking a journey through the sixties and seventies following our publication of classic papers from JWT London .
29 January 2010 As promised, Geoffrey Precourt has completed his report on the sponsorship webinar from the American Marketing Association.
27 January 2010 The theme of ESOMAR's recent Qualitative 2009 conference in Marrakech was " The Evolving Human " and speakers looked to explore the impact of social interaction on the individual and on brands.
25 January 2010 Today we are pleased to publish a set of Yankelovich MONITOR Think Tank papers, as part of our new partnership with The Futures Company (the coming together of Henley Centre HeadlightVision and Yankelovich).