Jonathan Smith

02 August 2020 The pandemic has changed consumers' behaviour and there will be further changes in their wants and needs in the months ahead. Jess Smith advises  on how brands can keep up.
17 February 2020 As no or low alcoholic drinks enter the mainstream, the opportunities for greater creativity in the category matter, argues Jonathan Kirkby, MD of Instinct PR.
17 January 2020 Keyword blacklists, created in the name of brand safety, have been found to reflect dangerous biases against LGBTQ people, according to a new study from CHEQ.
30 October 2019 Designing experiences for data not people should now be an industry norm, argue MullenLowe’s Jonathan Hart and James Hollow – we can no long reason our way into strategies or creative directions when we have the simultaneous ability to empirically create insight and test our assumptions.
25 July 2019 WeChat is an app on a scale that Western markets struggle to imagine - so big that a host of mini-apps has sprung up in its ecosystem. Hot Pot China's Jonathan Smith explores how brands have succeeded.
27 May 2019 Jonathan Harrison offers five key tips for advertisers planning a podcast campaign, from planning reach to researching content and context.
29 April 2019 It is becoming ever easier for Chinese people to travel, and many are celebrating big events like Lunar New Year and Golden Week by going away. The opportunity is rich for destination retailers, argues Jonathan Smith of Hot Pot China, but planning for the Chinese traveller means understanding a few basics.
14 February 2018 In the face of less and less valuable online ads that struggle to deliver value to both brands and publishers, is it time to rethink the church-state divide? Asks Jonathan Carter of Acxiom.
21 November 2017 Good CX is not just about doing things quickly, argues Fetch’s Julian Smith. Most important is to find a strategy that leverages your knowledge of the consumers as well as their understanding of your brand.
19 June 2017 In a keynote presentation delivered at Insight Innovation eXchange (IIeX) 2017, J. Walker Smith, Global Chairman of Kantar Futures, explains how businesses need to make new connections with consumers if they are to prosper in tomorrow's world of information overload, slowing economic growth and planetary limits on resources.
02 November 2016 With Unilever starting to see positive results from its much publicised new purposeful approach, Kantar Futures executive chairman J Walker Smith says it's time for brands to set rather than simply follow this new agenda.
13 June 2016 What is it that connects the great brands of the internet age? The brands that are constantly referenced by marketers as benchmarks of performance. The inspirational usual suspects from Red Bull, to Apple, to Google, and beyond. What is the behaviour they all share - no matter their market or position in it - that allows them to capture public imagination and escape cynicism and indifference?