James Shoreland

24 September 2020 Brands should be concerned with a potential reduction in opportunities to align themselves with culturally-relevant content, writes James Shoreland.
24 September 2020 New research by WARC Data shows that brands have invested more money in e-commerce platforms and less in conventional media in the months following the COVID-19 outbreak. This is demonstrative of a pivot to lower-funnel tactics in the wake of the outbreak says James McDonald, Head of Data Content, WARC.
28 July 2020 Search for the best content solution that integrates into culture, advises Colenso BBDO’s James Tucker, who worked on the DB Export campaign that took the Grand Prix in the Effective Content Strategy category at this year’s WARC Awards.
27 July 2020 The podcast format continues to grow rapidly and to attract listeners and advertisers. James Foti has some useful advice for the latter.
24 June 2020 Following the launch of The Effectiveness Code, James Hurman takes a deep-dive into how to apply the Creative Effectiveness Ladder – a six-step framework for creative effectiveness that draws on insights gathered from over 4,500 case studies – to your marketing.
18 June 2020 Telaria's James Young believes that DTC brands haven't yet unlocked the full benefits of CTV to reach audiences, and with COVID-19 changing consumer patterns, there are now even more synergies between the two.
02 June 2020 COVID-19 has upended adspend forecasts. Here, James McDonald, WARC Data's managing editor, explains some of the reasoning behind the revised outlook presented in the latest Global Ad Trends report.
30 April 2020 COVID-19 has upended adspend forecasts. Here, James McDonald, WARC Data’s managing editor, explains the reasoning behind the revised outlook presented in the latest AA/WARC Expenditure Report.
28 April 2020 The sponsorship industry is largely stuck in limbo. James Anderson, Business Director at Publicis Sport & Entertainment, shares some tips for brands and rights holders.  
01 April 2020 WARC Data's Managing Editor delves into the story behind the impact COVID-19 is having on advertising spending and consumer purchasing – with FMCG an area key to the full picture.
04 March 2020 James McDonald, Managing Editor, WARC Data, provides three scenarios in which the spread of the COVID-19 virus may potentially impact purchasing, media consumption and advertising investment. 
04 February 2020 Brands now have the opportunity to in-house their digital marketing technology as well as campaign execution, but does that mean they always should?
14 January 2020 In-housing has become one of the most talked about trends in marketing, and programmatic is at the very heart of the story. With almost every brand doing it or at least looking at whether they should be, building up in-house expertise, technology and infrastructure is not just a passing fad, it is here to stay and is gaining momentum.
30 October 2019 Designing experiences for data not people should now be an industry norm, argue MullenLowe’s Jonathan Hart and James Hollow – we can no long reason our way into strategies or creative directions when we have the simultaneous ability to empirically create insight and test our assumptions.
15 October 2019 Clients wondering what has happened to the savings and performance boost from in-housing need to develop flexible, hybrid models, says James Briscoe, Strategic Advisor, and Investor at Percept
26 September 2019 Ahead of the relaunch of WARC’s data product on Tuesday 1 st October, James McDonald, Managing Editor of WARC Data, explains why ad investment needs to work harder in the media mix.
21 August 2019 WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends has found that cinema growth will outpace the global ad market this year, while UK admissions were at a record high in 2018. Netflix’s rise appears to have had little impact on the allure of the silver screen, writes WARC Data's Managing Editor, James McDonald.
13 August 2019 Gaming is growing, and advertisers have an opportunity to reach gamers in new ways. Bidstack’s James Draper argues that in-game advertising brings the scale of mass-media exposure without ruining playing experiences.
02 July 2019 Social media ad growth halved over the year to end-March 2019, according to WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends . Facebook is looking to diversify its revenue model to guard against a rising tide of consumer distrust and poor monetisation of its international users, says WARC Data's managing editor James McDonald.
25 June 2019 Podcasts are hot – and still an undervalued channel – so advertisers should get in now, says VaynerMedia’s James Green.
30 April 2019 UK advertising spend rose 6.3% to reach £23.6bn in 2018, marking the ninth consecutive year of industry growth and highest annual total since monitoring began. The results follow a rise of 5.7% during the fourth quarter of last year, with adspend reaching £6.5bn – once again, a new high.
25 March 2019 WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends found that the internet ad market is in decline beyond the Google and Facebook duopoly. While there is little sign that the pair’s growth will record a significant slowdown in the coming years, several potential headwinds may shape future fortunes, says WARC Data editor James McDonald.
21 February 2019 WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends, a monthly report which uses the latest evidence to highlight trends in media investment, has found that the internet ad market is in decline beyond the Google and Facebook ‘duopoly’.
28 January 2019 WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends, a monthly report which uses empirical evidence to summarise media trends in advertising, has found that mobile ad formats will attract more money than TV across key markets this year, despite practitioner uncertainty around viewability, ROI and brand safety, and growing consumer privacy concerns.
10 January 2019 Agency-client co-location has grown in popularity in recent years. MMT Digital’s James Cannings explores why this niche practice is hitting the mainstream in 2019.