Grey Group Asia Pacific

Brand loyalists, brand evangelists or however you may want to define them, are amongst the most precious people in any brand owner’s life.
“Tryvertising” or trying-before-buying was first spotted as a global trend by in 2005 and continues to proliferate until today; more consumers are making up their minds about brands based on their experiences and less so the messages conveyed to them.
How much gets filled into a shopping cart and the types of brands which get in are determined by the consumer’s budget.
In general, we see the common picture of the aggressive and annoying salesperson bothering Asian shoppers who generally are seen as quiet, shy and patient as they listen to the sales pitch without rudely interrupting them.
All good things must come to an end, and that end is near for what we fondly know as ‘the promotion’… well, not completely come to an end but like big hair, and 80s fashion, ‘the promotion’ needs a well-deserved update.
You could have been the boring front-bencher, the popular one or the one who lives by the phrase ‘It’s all Greek to me’.
Asia is a diverse market and the way its retail channel works from one country to another in the region is unique to each individual market.
Whenever we discuss psychographic segmentation, there often seems to be a variety of new ‘labels’ to describe these groups, but not enough about how to apply this segmentation system into true marketing applications.