Graham Staplehurst

06 April 2022 Analysis from Kantar BrandZ, and from our experience of tracking brands since the 1970s, shows how brands can keep winning during periods of inflation.
24 September 2020 An international presence allows brands not only to broaden their footprint into fast-growing markets, but also protect against the impact of an economic slowdown at home - Graham Staplehurst explores the results of new Kantar research into the brands that have succeeded and those that have not. Research from BrandZ shows that the ability to capitalise on the strengths of the country of origin plays a major part in a successful export strategy.
20 August 2019 Today's consumers are smart and well informed. They can see through half-hearted attempts by brands claiming to support social injustices or well-meaning environmental issues, argues Kantar's Graham Staplehurst.