Florencia Lujani

11 November 2021 Marketers are obsessed with brand purpose, but what we really need to be obsessed with is finding ways to grow businesses and brands in a sustainable and ethical way, argues Florencia Lujani  strategy director and cultural insight expert at Media Bounty.
15 May 2018 Influencer marketing is growing in popularity, but is getting more complicated every day. One of the more difficult areas to navigate is how to pay influencers. We Are Social's Florencia Lujani gives advice on this tricky subject.
16 February 2018 Influencer marketing is in a state of constant evolution, and has as many fanatics as brow-raising skeptics. But despite the critics, 2017 was definitely a year of growth; according a study by Klear, there were double the number of Instagram posts containing #ad compared to 2016. We Are Social's Florencia Lujani argues that marketers need to get serious about bringing together data and influence.