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Faris Yakob

"I wish I could be with you today, in the flesh as they say, but I'm in India. Ever been in India? Very hot.
Ev Williams is in large part responsible for the social web. He co-founded Blogger and helped popularise the idea before selling it to Google.
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."    - Inigo Montoya,  The Princess Bride .
In the October issue of  Admap, we considered how the homogeneity of agency briefs, across disciplines and geographies, is antithetical to the goal of differentiation.
In August I delivered a Warc webinar entitled 'Beyond boring briefs: How to inspire great work' and it garnered the most attention and follow-up requests of any that we've done together.
Recently, we undertook a project with a lovely market research agency to understand the evolving aspects of the industry and the agency's place in it.
When someone says that, what are they asking? They're asking for permission to enquire about something you may not be comfortable talking about because it's private.
In 2014, my friends at Admap asked me to write a piece about the impact of Big Data on creativity, to promote their annual essay contest on the same.
A few weeks ago, the leader of the Watford Advertising Course, Tony Cullingham, gave a stirring commencement speech to his graduating students.
I was recently speaking at a Google event in Sydney. The topic I was asked to speak on was 'Digital storytelling ', so let me tell you a tale.
Just recently we were walking down the street in La Paz, Bolivia and saw one of the frequent parades coming our way, so we ducked into a coffee shop to watch.
The world turns and we get a moment, like the two-faced Roman god Janus, to look at the past and to the future, and consider: what did we do that we want to do more of? What do we want less of? Individually, as an agency, and in the industry? The turn of a new year is an opportunity to consider the year behind and the year ahead, focusing on what was fun, interesting and profitable, and what inspired us.
'Customer service' is a misnomer. Serving customers is what companies do but the 'customer service department' is problem resolution.
Since you work in advertising, you know about the first banner ad which, famously, appeared on the website for Wired magazine, then called HotWired.
The New New Thing is a silicon valley idea, enshrined in a fantastic eponymous book by Michael Lewis.
The 'tragedy of the commons' describes a situation in which individuals, acting independently and rationally in accordance with their own interests, ultimately end up destroying the resource that sustains them all.
When we first began to replicate reality at reasonable resolution, it was such a novelty we confused it with the real thing.
Prediction is difficult, as physicist Niels Bohr once said, especially about the future. In fact, we don't know if he said it.
A few days ago, the stock price of an advertising holding company (full disclosure: one I used to work for, and of which I still hold some stock) dropped dramatically.
Corporate personhood has a long-standing basis in law. Indeed, the idea that the corporation is a separate legal entity from the people who own it and work there is the foundation of corporate law.
"The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius." (Julius 'Big Julie' Weintraub) The old saying that 'cash burns a hole in your pocket' needs updating, because cash is actually the thing we are least likely to spend.
Human beings rarely say exactly what they mean. One of the unspoken rules of being English, as identified by anthropologist Kate Fox, is the 'rule of not being earnest'.
One of my predictions for 2015 was that it would be the year that content about content marketing would surpass all other forms of content.