Ervin Ha

YouGov's Ervin Ha looks at how luxury brands have fared in Hong Kong as the ongoing pademic shifts consumer sentiment and purchase priorities.
Which media outlet enjoys the trust of Singaporean consumers? YouGov’s Ervin Ha takes a look at where Singaporeans chose to get their news and updates on COVID-19 from.
With the Vegan movement growing steadily in the West, YouGov's Ervin Ha looks at whether it is time for brands in Singapore to start paying attention to plant-based options.
The brands hit hardest by the social unrest in Hong Kong include Xiaomi, Yoshinoya, Maxim's, Starbucks, and Genki Sushi, according to Ervin Ha, head of data products at YouGov APAC.
香港近期因引渡法案而激发的抗议事件已经持续数月,尚不明确事态何时能得到缓和。街头示威者导致消费者支出整体下滑,经济已陷入衰退境况,小米、吉野家、美心、星巴克、元气寿司受到外围不利因素及本地社会事件困扰,品牌健康情况令人忧虑。 舆观调查网 (YouGov) 计划与追踪 (Plan & Track) 部门关注在香港社会动荡中受冲击最严重的品牌,以及导致品牌评分降低的多种因素。 “守护香港”的大型集会始...
Pepsi is quitting the Indonesian market; YouGov's Ervin Ha looks at the reasons behind this decision and what can other soft drinks brands can learn.