Eaon Pritchard

14 August 2023 There is no single definition for attention, which is a complex system with many interacting components, and there is a need to rethink how it is measured, says Bray’s Eaon Pritchard.
22 March 2018 The nefarious activities of bad actors in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle may spark an unwarranted moral panic around the use of psychometric profiling in consumer research, argues Eaon Pritchard.
19 March 2018 The Facebook/Cambridge Analytics data kerfuffle ‘exposed’ by the Guardian and New York Times this week also exposes our industry’s cognitive dissonance over data-driven advertising, says Eaon Pritchard of Dentsu Aegis Network.
06 December 2017 Humans have only experienced modernity as a blip – for the rest of our existence, the natural world was the basis of all our stimulus. Rapid changes in the way we live, not least in the last 20 years have brought supernormal stimuli, says Eaon Pritchard; understanding this phenomenon has vast potential for strategic thought.
17 September 2017 Eaon Pritchard argues that the big opportunity in the application of AIs and Machine Learning to communications is not just about smarter targeting and building a better mousetrap, but in developing a better more quantified understanding of consumer behavior unhampered by our own cognitive biases.
15 August 2017 Typically, art and science are presented as opposites. But Dentsu Mitchell’s Eaon Pritchard argues that the problem lies with formulas and not with the scientific method, which can inform the creative process just as it informs science, through observations, hypotheses, and experimentation.
28 March 2017 Theodore 'Ted' Sturgeon is widely acclaimed as one the greats in science fiction writing.
10 March 2017 It can legitimately be said that Elvis Presley probably made more terrible records than any other artist in history. The appalling ' There's No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car' - from the soundtrack of 1963's ' Fun In Acapulco' - is certainly one. But also true is that he also made more truly great records than just about anyone else. The vast majority of the horrible Elvis records were made during his bad movie period of 1960 - 67, immediately following his stint in the army. But the pivotal moment for Elvis was what has become known as the '68 Comeback Special' .
10 February 2017 On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles famous radio adaptation of H.G. Wells's science fiction novel War of the Worlds  played on CBS Radio's weekly  Mercury Theatre on the Air  show.
01 November 2016 The announcement that Google has made small but significant adjustments to the way it handles the personal data collected from Google product users and the 'behavioural' data via its ad network, DoubleClick came and went with surprisingly little commentary.
05 May 2016 Philosophy defines altruism in different ways, however most definitions will generally revolve around describing altruistic behaviours as those that benefit others rather than oneself.
18 December 2015 In this post Eaon Pritchard argues that if the advertising industry is ‘on the verge of irrelevance’ it is because of our misguided obsession with technology over ideas.
30 November 2015 In 1934, the young Rosser Reeves left his small town home in Danville, Virginia for the bright lights of New York City, following his dream of working as an advertising copywriter.
10 September 2015 By 1971 Manchester United’s Irish star George Best's hectic off-field celebrity life style had began to take its toll on his effectiveness on the pitch.
28 April 2015 What follows is an excerpt (and slight expansion) from a section of a talk I gave at the inaugral Google 'Firestarters' event in Melbourne last week.
22 April 2015 For a time during World War II, the chances of a member of US bomber crews actually making it back from any given mission were on the side of slim.
19 January 2015 You may be familiar with the case of one McArthur Wheeler.