Darika Ahrens

If you look online for the term 'MailKimp', you'll be let in on one of the web's current in-jokes. The word is a mispronunciation of the email marketing company MailChimp.
Heading into the summer holiday season, people were telling me of their plans to go away, leave their laptop at home, switch off their devices and 'get back to basics'.
In the picture, there's a woman on a yellow background. She's young.
The other day, I had the rare joy of teaching some friends how to use Twitter. I used to be able to fill an entire day's training session – and entire room – with my thoughts on how to use Twitter for brands.
There's a myth about luxury and digital. That luxury doesn't 'do digital'.
"I know they're not a 'big fan' of my blogs. That article they tell me they enjoyed? They probably never even read it." I'm speaking with friend, and blogger, Gemma Cartwright.
Two guys in New York have created a programme they say will end ad fraud for good. And it's a real shame.
The Twitter account @middleclassprob is having a moment. The account retweets Twitter users overreacting to what we now call #FirstWorldProblems.
Recently, I attended the Future Foundation's Trending2015 Conference. One of the marketing trends they've identified for 2015 is 'Surprise Marketing'.
For five years, every digital and marketing conference you went to had the same slide circulating. You know the one.