Dan Calladine

The news that Facebook has created its first app for VR headsets shows that the company is trying to remind people of its position as a leader in the field, how much 360° content there now is, and its ambitions to move onto new screens.
The news that Facebook is developing an app that will let its users easily watch video from the site on their smart TVs should not come as much of a surprise.
Each year we at Carat write a trends presentation, looking at the themes we expect to become more prevalent and mainstream in the year to come.  You can find this year's presentation here, and listen to a webinar on the key trends for 2017 on 11 th January.
Last week it was announced that iAds - ads within iPhone and iPad apps - were finally coming to Europe, over 6 months after the initial announcement of iAds in the US.
Earlier this week Google launched Buzz, an extension to Gmail. Google launches lots of things – some work – Maps, News, Gmail, some don’t, or haven’t yet, like Base and Wave.
The iPad launched last week - here are a few initial thoughts: It's for consumption, not creation. It's a big version of the iPod Touch, not the iPhone.