D. Sriram

11 October 2020 Is BLM a hashtag, an organization, a human right, a movement, a political statement, or all the above?
11 October 2020 In the Emmy-nominated Procter & Gamble commercial “The Look” and in a newer Procter & Gamble commercial created just after the death of George Floyd – “The Choice” – the creative director Keith Cartwright and his partners have brought the power of imagery to create empathy, giving viewers of all colors and ethnicities a window into the struggle of being Black in America.
26 February 2020 D. Sriram, Managing Director of Ebiquity China, ponders on an irony. While Chinese consumers are consuming more content than ever in these trying times, for most brands this is the worst time to advertise because of unpredicted disruptions to their supply chains.