Colin Grimshaw

02 June 2015 No issue divides the creative community quite like the contribution of data to the creative process. The term 'Big Data' is apt to foment fits of apoplexy in some, who view data as the enemy at the gates, a dagger to the heart of creativity. Others see data as a panacea for all marketing's ills, in a Holy Grail quest to form one-to-one relationships with customers, eliminating all marketing wastage.
02 June 2014 There are myriad ways of building brands today. Fortunately, for those of us who work in what we still call the 'advertising industry' there remains a multitude of brands who communicate with their audience largely through advertising. From FMCG to Ferraris, to fashion, great creative ads still influence choice and shift product.
02 September 2011 The merger of the computer and the TV set has long been heralded as an epoch with the same potential for changing life as we know it as the first lunar landings. Bill Gates was banking on its arrival twenty years ago. Unfortunately for Bill, it didn’t come soon enough, now Google is set to be the principal beneficiary of the Connected TV Age.
30 March 2011 'The Truth about Youth: TV and Young People' was the theme of a seminar hosted in London today by Thinkbox, the marketing body for the UK’s commercial television industry.
08 March 2011 The Admap March issue is out now. The Focus theme this month is devoted to one of today's most emotive and challenging marketing issues: personalised targeting.
24 September 2010 So, Twitter is bringing its new ad platform to the UK, with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends – sounds like the commercial strategy of a certain leading search engine.
23 April 2010 Last night saw the staging of a hugely important and stimulating debate - no, not Round Two of The Three Stooges in Bristol - but the Admap Roundtable on The Future of Research.
10 February 2010 "I have never knowingly consumed the brand (Stella Artois), " confessed Paul Feldwick, but it didn't stop him scoring a knockout and title-winning blow for the "wifebeater" lager at last night's IPA Convenors' Fight Club contest.
28 January 2010 I was interested to read Tracey Follows' blog on here on "Crowdsourcing ad ideas". I'm planning to devote an upcoming issue of Admap to the related areas of crowdsourcing, co-creation and other forms of engaging consumers or suppliers in participation with brands. But what is the accepted label to describe this activity? Is it Participation? Engagement? Is it just a form of Social Media? I can't seem to find a consensus view on what it actually is or any accepted definition. Can anyone help?
26 January 2010 It’s here, it’s out... The redesigned Admap has just arrived in the Warc offices, resplendent in its lime green jacket and accompanied by enthusiastic whoops. Yours should be with you within the week, subject to the vagaries of postal systems.
25 January 2010 We're feeling a tad like expectant mums as we await the arrival of the new Admap hot off the press. If you didn't already know, the February issue will appear in a new set of clothes - a new look created by the award-winning graphic designer David Hillman. It's one thing seeing page proofs as pdfs, quite another to hold your progeny, the result of many months of many people's efforts, in your hands in all its printed, glossy glory.