Christian Polman

15 December 2020 2020 has been a challenging year for almost every industry. Organisations have put a necessary focus on cutting costs to survive the period of turmoil – the effects of which continue to reverberate across business and society. As the full economic toll of COVID-19 continues to sink in, there’s little doubt that one major casualty has been the marketing and media industry, as the last IPA Bellwether report showed .
05 August 2020 Earlier this year, lockdowns changed the face of retail overnight. No longer could people access most shops or retail outlets and supermarkets had to adapt to support vulnerable customers and key workers. Consumers, meanwhile, started looking for alternative solutions to meet their needs and desires.
22 April 2020 In the face of the global pandemic, it might seem trivial to focus on marketing, but the world will prevail against coronavirus, and while it is clear that we won’t revert to how we were before, a new, new normal will emerge, says Ebiquity's Christian Polman.
24 February 2020 Ebiquity’s strategy chief Christian Polman analyses the possible cause and effects of Google’s decision to take Chrome cookie-free - and what brands need to do about it .