Catherine Driscoll

04 September 2023 Catherine Driscoll, Commissioning Editor EMEA at WARC, introduces a new regional Spotlight that covers fascinating new effectiveness research to supercharge brand growth.
17 March 2023 The Ukraine War has intensified rising inflation, energy prices and supply chain disruption. In this new Spotlight WARC's Catherine Driscoll looks at the impact for consumers and shares advice for marketers a year after the conflict began.
12 April 2022 WARC Commissioning Editor Catherine Driscoll introduces this month’s WARC Guide which provides guidance for high-growth, scale-up brands. These brands have matured beyond the start-up phase and after a period of consistent growth are ready to move to the next level. However, with lower budgets and the need for a strategic pivot, they can face a host of challenges to maintain or build on their initial success.
04 February 2019 Influencer marketing is already used by 57% of companies, and is set to grow to a $10 billion market by 2020. It's also been attracting headlines for opaque practices and even fraudulent activity, causing concern for major advertisers. Admap's February issue goes inside influencer marketing .
06 November 2018 The second edition of the new, digital Admap is focused on winning at personalisation, a key challenge for our clients. Catherine Driscoll, Commissioning Editor, explores this month's themes.