By Adam Morgan Over the years the Challengers we have worked alongside have tended to share common experiences and face common threats, and have therefore drawn on similar principles in order to succeed.
Adam and family survive 90 degree heat and melting tarmac in a car hire queue in the South of France to learn some valuable lessons about convenience, usefulness and generosity in digital age.
Depressed but determined, Liv learns some local lessons for National success from Astrologer Russell Grant and our Jude from eatbigfish.
by Olivia Knight The brand world’s current obsession with ‘Creating Communities’ is not surprising really.
by Adam Morgan If you interview at Zappo’s, one of the questions they ask you in the interview itself is how weird you are.
After a visit to Zappos HQ in Las Vegas Mark looks at ‘The Cult of Zappos’, its roots in rave culture, and how it might transform capitalism! As a consumer I’d had first hand experience of the “Wow” Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO talks about — they delivered overnight (a free of charge upgrade on our first ever order) the only soccer shoes my daughter Cleo would agree to wear (having seen them in a store an hour earlier, but not in her size).
Olivia Knight asks some questions about how beliefs are being used (and sometimes misused) today and how we might sharpen and utilise our own beliefs better in the future.
Brett explores how Chinese Challenger Li-Ning is taking on the two global sports giants. Words, Weapons and a Wooden Horse Recently we’ve been looking to Asia in order to see how the new breed of Challenger brands do things, and one example that we keep coming back to is Li-Ning, a dominant Chinese sportswear brand.
Dave Hieatt, co-founder of the Do Lectures explains to The Challenger Project how, when it comes to inspiring action, you need to start with words.
Gill Ereaut from Linguistic Landscapes argues that Saying is Doing – and that understanding the way your language habits are constraining you can free you up to think and act differently.
Tom Ford shares the secret of silent storytelling with Adam and gives us some lessons in catwalk communication.