Brian Carruthers

25 September 2023 Artificial intelligence was front and centre at DMEXCO last week - WARC’s Brian Carruthers considers the problems and possibilities for an era of AI-enhanced creativity that remains difficult to imagine. 
24 August 2023 The culture wars have come for business: brands responding to big, often divisive issues face an uneven and sometimes contradictory landscape, writes WARC’s Brian Carruthers.
19 May 2023 The Marketing Society’s Digital Day England 2023 looked at some of the big themes the industry faces. 
15 March 2023 We’re in for a ‘restless decade’ as the economic truth of the post-2008 era shifts entirely - at the MRS annual conference, Brian Carruthers hears calls for renewed focus on consumer behaviours and motivations to navigate through tougher times.
08 February 2023 Researchers have never had more ways to understand consumers. At Qual360, Brian Carruthers hears how shiny new things are being checked out, but, for the qual community, empathy and the personal touch remain essential.
27 September 2022 As the UK economy slides deeper into crisis, WARC's Brian Carruthers looks at inspiration for marketers from brands in Egypt, Turkey and Argentina  – along with some words of wisdom from Monty Python and Ernest Hemingway.
07 September 2022 As the UK's new prime minster assembles her cabinet, Brian Carruthers thinks it doesn't hold out much promise for the advertising industry. 
11 May 2022 Outside of sport, it ’ s one of the few shared experiences across Europe, so why aren’t marketers making more of this week’s Eurovision Song Contest?
13 January 2022 A misjudged blog post exposed the tough marketing job that utilities companies have on their hands once prices rise  –  Brian Carruthers examines the situation.
23 June 2021 A skit for Cannes Lions Live about marketers and consumers in relationship therapy, by Professor Mark Ritson, is enlivened by digs at a rival antipodean marketing professor. But the real issue for him is the marketing industry’s midlife crisis, WARC’s Brian Carruthers heard.
14 June 2021 The launch of GB News, a UK news network promising to take on “woke warriors”, shows that brands cannot avoid getting involved in the broader cultural conversation, argues Brian Carruthers, WARC’s News Editor.
16 April 2021 Market research is today a £4bn industry in the UK. A new book taps the recollections of those who have worked in it since it took off in the 1970s.
19 March 2021 There are good reasons why F&B brands might want to adjust a recipe for different markets, but are they prepared for the possible consequences?
16 November 2020 A surge of consumers returned to the frozen foods category during lockdown. Steve Axe of Nomad Foods says customer retention is more important right now than customer acquisition. 
26 October 2020 COVID, Brexit, Trump … if you thought things couldn’t get worse, Nina Schick is about to disappoint you.
15 July 2020 A recent Southpaw webinar looked at brand building. WARC’s Brian Carruthers listened in and was struck by the discussion around culture.
16 June 2020 Comedians create a lot of value for us, says Peter McGraw - and marketers can learn from the way they create that value.
23 March 2020 At a time when data privacy concerns are growing, people’s worries can take some unexpected directions according to Jamie Bartlett.
03 March 2020 Accessibility and brand activism emerged as key features of the top 10 campaigns in this year’s WARC Creative 100 rankings. Brian Carruthers takes a closer look.
19 February 2020 Better, faster, cheaper research may be possible after all – Brian Carruthers takes the industry’s pulse at Qual360 Europe .
30 January 2020 The UK will leave the EU on Friday night, but at Thursday's LEAD summit there was some skepticism about future trade talks. Brian Carruthers was there to hear.
23 December 2019 Forget Steve Jobs as a role model for innovation – you need to look to Homer Simpson, says Mike Adam.
13 December 2019 Will the election result mean an end to uncertainty and clarity on the future? Well that might happen, but it’s not a given, says Brian Carruthers.
09 December 2019 There was lots to talk about at the recent launch event for WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2020. Here’s six takeaways from a panel with Eve Sleep’s Cheryl Calverley and Birds Eye’s Steve Challouma.
11 November 2019 The industry has amassed a fantastic body of learning around effectiveness. Now it needs to put it into practice, according to Tom Roach .