Ann Marie Kerwin

28 March 2024 This third episode of “Marketing Truths” highlights why creativity is even more crucial if a category is seen as dull or typically leans on rational persuasion.
28 March 2024 Ann Marie Kerwin, WARC’s Americas Editor, discusses the third instalment of WARC’s “Marketing Truths” podcast series, which looks at how creativity can supercharge effectiveness. Podcast episode Marketing Truth #3: Creativity supercharges marketing's impact with Jim DeLash, marketing director, GSK direct & long-tail customer acquisition, vaccines, US
27 February 2024 This second installment in WARC’s “Marketing Truths” podcast series looks at how organizations that put the work into brand-building can reap the benefits, and improve both short- and long-term outcomes. The first episode, “ Effectiveness is as important as efficiency ,” dives into why it is imperative that CMOs help their organizations understand why effectiveness is as important as efficiency when it comes to marketing investment.
21 February 2024 As the US heads into a fraught presidential election year, marketers will grapple with media channels consumed with political discord, higher CPMs, and tribal displays of affiliation from consumers. Ann Marie Kerwin, WARC’s Americas Editor, introduces a collection of articles to help marketers navigate 2024’s tricky landscape.
25 January 2024 In the first instalment of WARC's Marketing Truths series Ann Marie Kerwin, Americas editor at WARC, and Mike Menkes, SVP at Analytics Partners, look at why effectiveness is as important as efficiency when it comes to marketing investment.
24 October 2023 In whatever context it’s being discussed, Generative AI is the topic that seemingly everyone in US marketing is talking about this year. In this article introducing the latest Spotlight US, Americas Editor Ann Marie Kerwin examines what’s beyond the buzz and what marketers and agencies are learning after early experiments with these tools.