Andrew Curry

My colleague Andy Stubbings went to hear Taschen Books' Julius Wiedemann talking about publishing's rocky road to a digital future recently, and it turns out that the industry has something to learn from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's five-stage model of grief : (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance).
Bradley Wiggins just keeps on winning – in a way never seen before by a British cyclist. And for those of us who have been following cycling for years, it's still a surprise.
It's easy to get wrong-footed by the speed at which social networks are growing. How should marketers or advertisers respond? Are we going to get left behind? Over at The Futures Company blog this week, my colleague Alex Steer has been previewing some new analysis we've done on both the constants in social media, and the points of tension - the 'pivot points', as we've called them.
Watching The Social Network again on DVD I was reminded of my trip to see it in the cinema. The film itself, of course, portrays one of the founding myths of social media: the outsider who uses his mastery of code to set information free and bypass those in power and authority as he goes.
I was invited to Munich earlier this week by the insurance group Allianz to talk to its Brand Council about the brand in the age of the digital conversation.
Before the World Cup recedes into the distance, I wanted to mention a post from Cape Town by my colleague Alex Steer on global brands and new consumers.
The current row over Facebook's successive changes to its privacy settings has several strategic implications for the way that businesses - not just in the digital sector - relate to their customers.