Andreas Krasser

19 January 2024 Andreas Krasser, who moved from ad agency creative strategist to CEO himself, explores how ad agencies can play a crucial role in helping marketers communicate the value of marketing to CEOs and the board.
05 September 2019 Asia to me is the most exciting region to be in right now as a strategist.
09 July 2017 This commentary appears in WARC’s new ‘Future of Strategy’ report, based on a global survey of senior agency planners. The report covers the current state of the strategic discipline, future opportunities and challenges, and guidance on building the planning team of the future.
21 June 2016 To say that I am very honored judging the 2016 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy would certainly be an understatement - not just because of the extremely humbling panel of fellow judges, but also because I personally hold a great deal of this award. After all, it's Asia's first dedicated competition rewarding great strategic marketing thinking from the region.