Andre van Loon

06 March 2024 Moët Hennessy’s André van Loon explores the side of measurement that too often goes ignored: what we don’t know.
23 November 2023 Too often, effectiveness projects are invalidated when held to be imperfect: when the actual loses out to the ideal state, argues Moet Hennessy’s Andre van Loon. 
22 February 2021 Marketing effectiveness itself cannot be guaranteed because the consumer and citizen world in which the marketing happens is, to a greater or lesser extent, unpredictable. Rather than being restrictive, this fact makes the search for effective marketing theory all the more potentially rewarding, argues Andre van Loon.
30 May 2019 Steadfast rules or continuous adaptation? Considering two approaches to marketing rules, We Are Social's Andre Van Loon looks to the uncertainties of judgement.
28 July 2017 What video strategy works for a brand depends, ultimately, on the brand, argues Andre van Loon, and looking at what worked for others can, at times, leave us wishing for faster horses rather than cars - to paraphrase Henry Ford.