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Market Research

Warc’s blend of data, analysis and insight provides a unique resource relied on by leading market research companies around the world.

We collect, collate, edit and synthesize, saving you time and keeping you a step ahead.
Warc will help you:
  • Provide competitor intelligence and understanding of their communications
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in market research and surveying
  • Keep up to date with new media channels
  • Learn from the experience of marketers around the world and show how they have overcome challenges
  • Spot real growth opportunities for your clients
  • Understand the needs and motivations of consumers
  “Warc is a vast, accessible and impartial knowledge bank that helps me stay on top of my game in the communications business.”
Sue Elms, Global Director,
Millward Brown

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Warc has clients in more than 100 countries.