Warc has partnered with TGI to publish global top 10 brands data by country and media time use data by country.

About Global TGI
Global TGI (Target Group Index) is a global network of single-source market research surveys providing invaluable, comparable consumer insights for over 60 countries across six continents. Global TGI can help you find the answers to all types of marketing questions, quickly and flexibly. To find out more about Global TGI visit The TGI network is operated by KMR Group.

KMR Group
KMR is an integrated research, information and software group, specialising in media and survey research solutions, and media analysis software systems. Key operating companies within the group include Global TGI, KMR Software, KMR Americas and MediaFax/SKA. The KMR Group offers global expertise in the following areas:

Syndicated marketing and media surveys
The global TGI network operates single-source consumer and media studies in over 50 countries worldwide.

Custom research
KMR companies have conducted high quality survey research in over 50 countries, at local, regional and multi-country levels.

Analysis systems
KMR Software develops data analysis systems that enable clients to access tailored and syndicated research in over 50 countries.

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