Gillette Fusion/Madden: Look your best. Play your best.

Category: Shopper Marketing
Brand/Client: Gillette Fusion/Proctor & Gamble
Primary Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Contributing Agencies: EA Sports, Triad


Our business challenge was to revitalize a brand whose growth was slowing.

Gillette Fusion is an advanced-technology, five-blade shaving system consisting of both razors and replaceable cartridges. It launched nationally in 2005, and for the first few years it enjoyed significant acceptance and sales. Gillette Fusion remained one of the most innovative options for shaving through 2009. However, Fusion growth was slowing as price-sensitive shoppers began to give increasing consideration to lower-priced competitors.

Conversion from old technology to new technology is the key to growth within the shave category.

Manufacturer and retailer profits in the shaving category are typically derived more from the sale of replacement cartridges than from the razor itself. Therefore the sooner shoppers upgrade their razor, the greater the period of time they will be buying new, higher-margin cartridges. Also, the sooner shoppers upgrade, the sooner the older lines can be discontinued. Specifically for Gillette, the task was to upgrade shoppers from the older Gillette MACH3 to the newer Gillette Fusion.