Promote Iceland: Honorary Islander

Client: Iceland
Brand: Promote Iceland
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers & Islenska
Category: Leisure & Entertainment
Country: United Kingdom

Back In May 2010, the Inspired by Iceland campaign created a movement of Icelanders, tourists and friends of Iceland to help save a country that had been pushed to the brink by the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic explosion. The campaign inspired thousands of Icelanders to spread messages around the world about Iceland, telling people that Iceland was safe to visit and open for their tourist business.

The Icelandic government had always wanted to establish a winter tourism season, but had never been able to build the momentum behind it. Mainly because Iceland was seen to be cold, icy, wet and distant, but also because it was competing against more well known winter destinations and ski resorts. This meant that despite increasingly rapid growth in summer tourism, winter tourism had not changed over the last five seasons.


  1. Strengthen the image of Iceland as an all-year round tourist destination
  2. Increase the number of tourists during off-season period by 100,000 between September 2011 and May 2014, or by 12% yearly.

Target market