Advanced techniques in panel and server data integration

Richard W. Goosey
Nielsen//NetRatings EMEA, United Kingdom


The advertising campaign of tomorrow will be an integrated multi-media campaign where ROI delivered by a well-designed online component will be judged in the same terms as other media. For online advertising to reach its true potential, the industry needs to talk in a language which traditional advertisers understand – reach, frequency and demographics – and leverage the unique capabilities that this media can offer. However, the Internet is a unique medium in terms of fragmentation and complexity, and this raises many problems in the field of measurement. Gaining accurate measurement of sites, which derive much of their traffic out of the home and niche sites with low reach present significant challenges for panel-based measurement due to low samples for such sites. Cookie deletion presents major problems for browser centric measurement with potential over-statement of 'unique browsers' being anything from ten to several hundred percent per month. Nielsen//NetRatings is in the unique position to have browser centric measurement, following its acquisitions of RedSheriff in early 2004, and its global user centric NetView product based on RDD panel measurement.