Depend: The Great American Try-On (SME-Manufacturer: Loyalty, Awareness, Sales or Trial)

Category: SME-Manufacturer: Loyalty, Awareness, Sales or Trial
Brand/Client: Depend/Kimberly Clark
Lead Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

State of the brand's business

25 million Americans are embarrassed to shop. A simple truth that the Depend brand was on a mission to fix.

For the next 17 years, 8,000 boomers will turn 65 every day (AARP). However, this newly aging part of the population simply doesn't feel that "old": the average 50-year-old claims they feel mentally more like 39, and the average 64-year-old feels 50 (2010 Def Webb Baby Boomer Survey). Being 65 today is very different than it was in 1984 when Depend brand launched, and today's boomers don't want to surrender to "old-people" issues like incontinence.

In late 2011, the $1.32 billion-a-year Adult Absorbent Underwear category (Euromonitor, 2011) was littered with outdated options: crinkly plastic packs touting underwear-like experiences up and down the aisle. When boomers shopped the category, their typical shopping trip was anything but typical. To try and avoid being seen in the aisle and being seen with the product, many shoppers would dash in, plunge their absorbent underwear under other items in the cart and dread exposure at checkout (Kimberly-Clark Shopper Study).