Yahoo Living Ads

Norm Johnston


Yahoo has followed-up their recent Livestand iPad application launch with a new innovative advertising format called Living Ads. In effect, they are now offering “living ads” to go with their “living magazine”, which aggregates a range of well-known publisher content (news, sports, other interests) into a slick personalized, tablet experience. Livings Ads is great example of Yahoo's ambitions to deliver both premium ad formats along with their premium content across multiple devices, particularly mobile.


It's hard to capture the “Living Ad” experience without actually experiencing it, which you can do at Having seen it firsthand it's a very powerful, rich if not slightly voyeuristic experience that combines and capitalizes on several emerging trends, particularly online video that emulates real-time video (Hangouts, Skype). Without a doubt when used appropriately it's a stunning, captivating experience that blends the glossiness of magazine ads with the emotive punch of TV and the historical interactivity of the Internet, thus enabling consumers to not only be enthralled and intrigued by what they see but also to get engaged and take some action.