The New York Times and the future of quality online journalism

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

When was the last time a massive job cut was good news? Recently, Hearst Corp said they would cut up to 225 editorial jobs at The San Francisco Chronicle - if the union that represented the title's journalists didn't agree to concessions. Good news? You bet: Just two weeks earlier, the company had openly discussed selling or even closing the operation.

Throughout the US, newspapers are in distress, most to the point of panic, some to the point of despair, a few - including Denver's Rocky Mountain News - to the point of extinction. You don't have to have your ear particularly close to the ground to hear it: The traditional newspaper business is dead. Its only hope is reinvention. And no paper is working harder at that task than the stately old gray lady, the New York Times, which seems to be quietly fashioning a whole new electric set of clothes.