From spinning a yarn to weaving a rich tapestry – Inspirations from Bollywood and cricket

Crystal Nathan
Nielsen, Australia

Tamal Roy
BAT, Australia


As consumers, we are exposed to 3,000 different commercial messages per day and bombarded by information all the time. We are constantly struggling to pack more hours in a day and accomplish even more in an hour. As Homo sapiens, we are also forever trying to maintain/achieve a sense of balance between our work life, family life and social life and in the midst of all this, carve out some personal time for ourselves. The Three Screen Syndrome – a condition where the consumer interacts with the internet, the television and the mobile phone is threatening to expand into a 4+ syndrome even before it has lived its full life. As we get harassed with information, our attention span tends to decrease and so does the window of opportunity for marketers to lure the consumer.