VW Citi Golf: Goodbyeciti

Ogilvy Cape Town


Very unusually, this entry seeks a Creative Effectiveness Lion for creatively and effectively killing off a brand - the Volkswagen Citi Golf.

The Citi Golf was unique to South Africa. Out-dated even at launch in 1984 – it was designed to squeeze some short-term extra returns from a redundant engineering platform - Citi lasted highly profitably in the entry-level market for an astonishing 25 years, fuelled by some award-winning advertising.

Safety standards and production economics meant Citi Golf was finally discontinued in October 2009, to be replaced in the segment by the Polo Vivo.

Conventional marketing would have left Citi to die quietly while discounting the remaining stock (“the runout” in industry terms) and focussing advertising on the new Vivo.

This campaign went completely the other way.

The big strategic idea was to give Citi Golf a rousing send-off to allow owners, past and present, to say goodbye to their old friend, while enhancing the Volkswagen mother brand.