Unearthing salt of the earth: An approach to unleash the grass root creativity

Jacky Cheung
WIMI (When Insight Meets Innovation), Hong Kong


Everybody now talks about innovation and understands how vital this is to our business and our life. Good innovation starts from good ideation and many of our clients are investing considerable efforts to fuel the "production" of new ideas. None more so than China based clients who, for much of the past two decades, usually took concepts or brands from their home markets, tweaked them here and there, and tried to launch something relevant to the Chinese consumer. Now, with some categories getting close to saturation, and disturbing levels of product launch failures, there is a groundswell of movement to develop product and service ideas from the grassroots. However, as far as what we experienced and witnessed, conventional approaches employed for ideation currently still have room for improvement to drive more effective results, and, in a more efficient manner.