Yellow Toolbox

Category: Consumer Services
Client: Yellow


For Yellow, shifting deep-seated perceptions about its product with advertisers needed to happen immediately.

From an out-dated book to a digital company. No mean feat for a brand that had been trying to reinvent itself for years. The 2011 Yellow Toolbox campaign transformed Yellow into the credible digital company it needed to become.

Key learnings

The digital space is still a new for Yellow in many ways, not the least because it's a competitive one.

Since the day the phone was a household item, Yellow has been the place to be for businesses looking to garner sales. But things have changed. SMEs saw giants such as Google changing the world and looked to them for their digital marketing – not the easiest point of comparison for Yellow.

In digital, Yellow is a small player. In its print guise Yellow is the one and only, customers range from Fonterra to the local bakery. But digitally it had to focus on where to get the most bites.