Europcar Autoliberté: Crush Hour

Agency: Ogilvy France
Client: Europcar France
Product: Autoliberté


In 2001 Europcar launched Autoliberté, a monthly rental subscription service that provided a simple and real alternative to owning a car. For €25 to €75 per month, you could have the car you want, anywhere you want, whenever you want. But by 2010, the number of subscriptions to Autoliberté, had flat-lined. So with a tiny budget of €64,000 to invest we were challenged to come up with an idea that could kick-start subscriptions and create an exponential return on investment.

What would success look like?

Create a media buzz-storm around Autoliberté and drive traffic to Autoliberté.fr

We had a complex service with 3 different subscription levels (€25 to €75 per month) and a subject matter (car rental) that made our jobs a little trickier. We knew that the Autoliberté service (on a purely rational level) was top-notch and would convince car owners, who perhaps had not looked at car rental as a viable alternative to ownership, to at least consider it. We just needed an impactful campaign that would get people interested enough to seek out and learn more about Autoliberté on the website. This was the only way we were going to get our meagre budget to work for us.