Attracting attention

Amy Syracuse

With headlines hyping online video-on-demand (VOD) as the next must-have medium, many b-to-b marketers are clamoring to post movies to their Web sites. But one thing past Internet innovations have proven is that there's no sense in adopting technology simply for the sake of being current. Quality matters. So does long-term vision and the ability to deliver a problem-free user experience. In other words, when your brand is at stake, it's better to be mainstream and well executed than cutting-edge and misguided. So before jumping on the VOD bandwagon, consider these expert ideas:


Online video and television were not created equal. Scripps Networks Interactive Senior Vice President Jim Sexton, who oversees, an online video network targeting building and remodeling professionals, describes the fundamental difference: “When watching TV, people relax and put their hands behind their heads. They want to be entertained. On the Web, people are sitting at a desk and leaning forward. They are task-oriented.”