Frito-Lay – Only in a Woman's World

Category: Media Innovation
Brand/Client: Frito-Lay Baked!, Smartfood, Flat Earth, & 100 Calorie Pack/Frito Lay
Primary Agency: OMD/Juniper Park
Media Agency: OMD
Contributing Agencies: Ketchum


“Men are the sex that manufacture products. Women are the sex that buys them.”
Bridget Brennan, Author – Why She Buys

It's a marketing truism that women are the most important consumers. By some estimates women decide up to 80% of purchase decisions. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for food. So when we found that women were increasingly avoiding the chip aisle – which our company dominates – we faced a serious challenge. While women snack more than men, they weren't snacking as much anymore with Frito Lay. So we needed to give women a reason to come back. The reality is, however, that women had been duped for years with overpromises of “made for you”, and with broken promises of “low calorie snacks you'll crave”.