Kinect for Xbox 360: You are the Controller

Business Situation and Campaign Objectives

In January 2011, we were reflecting on a very successful launch for Kinect that drove all key metrics and resulted in sales of 8 million units in 60 days. As a result, Guinness World Records awarded Kinect for Xbox 360 the title of Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device—outstripping sales figures for both the iPhone and the iPad after their respective launches, as well as for the Wii after its earlier launch in 2006. Coming out of this launch, we immediately needed to start planning for the next holiday season. We knew that, during the 2010 holiday campaign, Kinect had achieved broad awareness among all audiences. But we also knew that the lion's share of sales had gone to Xbox's traditional core gaming audiences. In 2011, to meet our sales goals, we needed to activate the broader audiences identified by Xbox's segmentation as "Family Timers" and "Hyper Socials" to purchase the Kinect.