Quantifying the Isolated and Synergistic Effects of Exposure Frequency for TV, Print, and Internet Advertising

William Havlena
Dynamic Logic

Robert Cardarelli
Millward Brown

Michelle De Montigny
Millward Brown


Given the profusion of marketing messages to which an average consumer is exposed and the extent of multitasking in the ever-changing media world, consumers are getting better at tuning out nonrelevant brand communications and only engaging with messages that have stopping power.

The integrated marketing paradigm focuses on the full set of contacts that affect the consumer's brand experience (Calder and Malthouse, 2005). Marketers are faced with the questions of how to use multiple touchpoints to convey their messages in a more profound and engaging way and how to reinforce a message or brand more efficiently with the same advertising budget. Cross media measurement can help marketers develop more meaningful connections with their target market by understanding how advertising in each medium shifts brand perceptions or encourages higher purchase intention. Equally important, this research can address the issue of how to avoid advertising waste and reach consumers at the right point within the purchase funnel.