Quorum Federal Credit Union: Spread the Wealth Referral Program

True North Inc.


Category: Financial Products and Services
Country where program ran: USA
Date program started/ended: 9th June - 10th December 2007

Product Description: Quorum offers a full suite of financial services to their members

Advertiser/Client Name: Quorum Federal Credit Union
Media Channels: DirectMail
Web Development
Website: www.truenorthinc.com/quorum_echo_entry


Marketplace Challenge:

As a credit union, Quorum can only offer their financial services to employees of a company that is partnered with them. Those employees who join Quorum through a partnered company often do not know that their immediate family members are eligible to join Quorum as well. Additionally, as a provider of financial services, Quorum must compete not only with other credit unions, but also with larger national banks that flood the marketplace with advertisements. In order to make an impact among these competitors, Quorum must work harder to increase their membership base.