The impact of source effects and message valence on word of mouth retransmission

Jeffrey P. Radighieri

University of Houston-Victoria

Mark Mulder

Pacific Lutheran University


The use of word of mouth (WOM) communications is a phenomenon that plays a major role in business (Marney 1995; Silverman 1997; Henricks 1998; Wicken & Asquith 2008). The rise of the internet has served to increase the prevalence of WOM, as technology has facilitated its transmission (e.g. Bronner & de Hoog 2010; Hardey 2011). As a result, WOM continues to attract scholarly attention. Research has shown that WOM is a legitimate activity that firms include as a part of their marketing strategy (e.g. Wicken & Asquith 2008; Breazeale 2009). Further, WOM can create either benefits or harm to the firm.