Stretch the brand through halos

Toby Southgate and Rupal Gadhia
The Brand Union

Appreciation of the halo effect of sub-brands is vital in deciding how to extend, diversify and manage a brand portfolio

What's the best way for an organisation to formalise and manage its portfolio of products and services? How can success in one category be leveraged to support growth in another? Brand owners in multiple industries have long tussled with the impact that sub-brands, brand extensions, line extensions and endorsements can have on the parent or master brand.

Sub-brands are products or services that are associated with a parent brand but have a positioning or essence that makes them unique from the parent brand. There are numerous examples of success and failure, though of course it's the failures that live longer in the mind: the Ford Edsel;'New’ Coke; Harley Davidson's disastrous foray into personal care and fragrance. Who wants to smell like a motorcycle?