Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Authors: Lee Talyor and Gerard Smith

The March of Winalot Prime


This paper deals with the launch of a new brand of canned dog food, Winalot Prime, and the contribution which advertising has made to its success.

Winalot Prime was launched by Spillers Foods in January 1985. Up to 1988 there were two advertising campaigns. The first campaign ran from March 1985 to April 1986. This paper focuses particularly on the effect of the second campaign, featuring the 'Long March' execution, which was first aired in January 1987.

Winalot Prime has been very successful. The latest audit data shows it to be the third largest brand by volume at 8.2% of market, and the third largest brand by turnover, with a share of 9.0%.

This paper not only demonstrates how long the 'Long March' advertising has helped to build Winalot Prime, but also illustrates two principles.

  • That advertising, imaginatively conceived and boldly executed, can give a brand a competitive advantage against the strongest, most determined and most entrenched opposition.
  • That commercially-effective advertising can be synonymous with a campaign which the public like and which the advertising industry has applauded.