Chad Valley @ Argos

Bonfire Creative Intelligence

Client: Home Retail Group
Category: Point of Sale (Products or services to aid consumer communication or awareness)

Executive summary

Argos is a unique retail environment in the UK and Ireland where customers are normally unable to see and touch what they're buying until they have made their purchase. As a result, the Argos Catalogue, supported by the webshop, is the only point of sale potential consumers will interact with. The success of any brand or product within Argos therefore depends on the engagement that can be generated in print.

Chad Valley was bought by the Home Retail Group and introduced into the Argos catalogue in July 2009 (catalogue number 72). Despite moving from its former home in Woolworths into the UK's largest toy retailer, sales targets and expectations for Chad Valley were not met.

The overall brand strategy was to reposition Chad Valley as an imaginative world of endless play. The objective was to create a core toy brand that allowed 'kids to be kids' through play, whilst also offering great value for money. Research identified that Chad Valley needed to raise perceptions of quality of product and raise awareness of the brand.